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Proofpoint Content Capture for Collaboration (Slack) is a Slack approved solution for capturing, classifying and archiving activity within a Slack Enterprise Grid environment.

It provides a simple install URL that the Primary Org Owner or an Org Owner uses to enable the export of Slack messages. Once activated, Content Capture for Collaboration (Slack) uses Slack Discovery APIs to retrieve message activity from Slack regularly. Content Capture classifies each message based on its content, transforms the message into email form, including the classification results, and sends it to a designated mailbox for delivery to your enterprise email archive.

Overview for Installation of the Content Capture for Collaboration

  1. Login to Proofpoint Content Capture for Collaboration
  2. Navigate to Patrol
  3. Select Manage Entity Config
  4. Copy the URL for Slack Install
  5. Paste the install into a browser window
  6. Select "Install on my users"
  7. Follow the prompts to Sign in to your workspace
  8. Provide your Slack email address and password (note: your account must be of account type Org Owner or Primary Org Owner)
  9. Review the permissions requested by Proofpoint Content Capture for Collaboration and select allow
  10. Finalize the installation
  11. Process complete. Content Capture for Collaboration is now active and capturing Slack activity